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SLA Full Board Meeting Webcast
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Click Here for the SLA Event Calendar and Live Webcast Links (available day of meeting)

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The Full Board of the New York State Liquor Authority generally holds bi-weekly meetings at the SLA NYC Office to render decisions on licensing and disciplinary matters. The Board may also vote on SLA policies, procedures, and personnel. The meetings begin at 10am and vary in length depending on the number of topics at hand. The SLA allows persons interested in appearing to do so via video conference at the SLA offices in Albany and Buffalo. 

The Full Board calendar is compiled by the Secretary to the Authority and posted on our website a week before the meeting. Items on the calendar are called in the order in which they are signed in for on the day of the Board Meeting. 

The public is able to observe meetings from a mobile device or computer on our live webcast. Videos of each meeting are also posted on our website following the meeting.


What to Expect When Attending a Full Board Meeting

Upon arrival at the boardroom, you must sign in on the roster. The Secretary to the Authority will call calendar items in the order in which they are signed in. 

When your item number is called, you will have an opportunity to speak to the Board, however, time will be limited to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity. You must first state your name for the record and clarify whether remarks represent yourself or a separate group. When speaking, please make sure to be clear and concise and be prepared for any questions and comments from the Board.

For licensing matters, persons appearing in opposition may also be afforded an opportunity to speak. Members of the public are not permitted to speak on disciplinary matters. 

If you wish to appear at the SLA offices in Albany or Buffalo for an upcoming meeting via video conference, please email Secretary's Office so your name can be provided to security.


Licensing Items

When a licensing item is called, the licensee and/or their representative(s) often provides a brief statement followed by questions from the Members of the Authority. Persons appearing in opposition to a license may be afforded an opportunity to speak. No oral arguments are permitted in cases involving an application falling under the 500 foot rule, as a hearing has previously been held.

The Members may vote to approve, deny, or carry over a license application. A license application is carried over when questions arise during the Board Meeting requiring further information at the request of a licensee or their representative. Each application submitted to the SLA is reviewed on its individual merits, taking into account the recommendations of local law enforcement, government officials, community boards, and members of the public.


Disciplinary Items

Members of the Authority vote to sustain or dismiss disciplinary matters and on penalties for licensees found to be in violation of the law. In addition, the licensee may submit, prior to the Full Board meeting, a conditional no contest plea. The licensee's offer is forwarded to the Members of the Authority for final determination. Each case brought to the Members of the Authority is examined on its individual merits. Licensees and/or their representatives are afforded an opportunity to speak regarding penalties. The Members of the Authority make the final determination as to whether the violation(s) are sustained.

The Members of the Authority may impose one or more of the following penalties:

  • Letter of Warning;
  • License suspension, cancellation or revocation;
  • Monetary penalty;
  • A bond forfeiture; or
  • A two-year ban against the issuance of a license to any part of the building containing the revoked licensed premises.


Submitting Documents and Other Material



Any additional materials presented for the Members' consideration for matters already scheduled must be received by the Secretary's Office before 2 PM on the Friday prior to the Board meeting. Anything received after that time will not be forwarded to the Members for their consideration.

Material may be submitted via email to In addition, it is further requested that a copy of any additional material pertaining to licensing matters be simultaneously forwarded to Jacqueline Held, Deputy Commissioner of Licensing, via email to, at the same time those materials are submitted to the Secretary's office.

Obtaining Documents and Other Material



If you are a party (either the applicant or someone opposing the application) to a Licensing matter on the upcoming Full Board calendar, you may submit a request for documents and other materials that have been submitted by another party in the matter. You may submit the request via email to

Upon receipt of your request, you will be provided via email with the relevant material, subject to any information that is required to be withheld by law. You will only be provided with material that has been made part of the record that will be provided to the Members of the Authority. Material that is not part of the record, or any material submitted after the SLA responds to your request, will not be provided. Do not send requests using this email address for matters that are not scheduled for the next Full Board calendar.


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